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Onkkon in Bengali means drawing, and drawing is a form of visual art, which a person uses to portray ones idea or feeling. Drawing is the very basic of art, be it abstract or fine art. Onkkon Art School is the brainchild of Sarbani Chatterjee, who has been associated with arts for the last two decades in various platforms and capacity. She believes that if you can draw and understand the grammar, you have mastered half of art, the rest is adding paint, brush and idea.

Onkkon over the past years have been a learning center for young minds, to give wings to their creativity while guiding them to give form to their imagination. Onkkon has also been bringing over some of the exponents in their fields in conducting workshops while sharing their expertise. Onkkon also has been showcasing artist from all walks of life to exhibit their artworks. Overall Onkkon has been involved in promoting art and artists while in the stride making an art friendly environment.

Onkkon Art Studio has been organizing Fine Art Exhibition for the last 6 years, encouraging artists to share their creation. All the exhibitions organized by Onkkon are aptly named as Maitree Utsav since it is an unique opportunity to build friendship and celebrate the diversity within. Onkkon has held exhibitions featuring 30 women artists in an endeavor to bring their collective creative work as well as their individual style under one roof and channeling the power of collaboration and showcasing the world that when women team up, magic happens. It was followed up with another exhibition comprising artists from South and East showing the 2 distinct school of idea and medium. During the ongoing pandemic Onkkon has also organized couple of online fine art exhibition in support of artists affected due to the lock down. The exhibition showcased both national and international artist garnering huge positive response and accolades from the visitors online. The Annual Exhibition was organized in November 2021 where artists from all over the country participated showcasing their artwork and skills. There was live shows every day where the stalwarts painted in front of live audiences, answering their queries and sharing their experiences.  We have been showcasing nearly 100 unique paintings from various walks of life that are not only original but also exclusive as each artwork has been specially crafted with dreams and passion. Onkkon has also organized multiple exhibitions at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore International Centre, Fedilitus Gallery in Bangalore, Bombay Art Society & Nehru Art Center Gallery in  Mumbai.

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